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Correct preservation of mills

Posted by Akoopal 
Correct preservation of mills
September 19, 2011 09:58PM
At the symposium there was a discussion about the correct preservation of mills. Some aspects came on the table, and it became apparent that we always struggle between keeping a working machine working, and preserving heritage which you don't want to change to much. Lise has shown us some examples in Denmark as well.

I would like to invite people, both participants and non-participants to continue the discussion here. This can be a broad discussion, feel free to start new topics if you feel a subtopic will otherwise not be noticed.

Some questions from my point of view to get the discussion started, but feel free to bring other points in the discussion:

- Is it correct to completely move the machinery of a horse driven mill to depot, and replace it with a replica to show the public how it has to work.

- With the preservation of mills, should we take the preservation of related crafts like the running of a mill, producing flower, making oil, but also the craft of millwright into account?

- What should the function of the mills be, and how does it impact preservation. How to we balance tourism and safety legislation with the fact that a mill is heritage as well.


André Koopal
Re: Correct preservation of mills
September 21, 2011 10:09PM
One question, I would like to throw in: What is original ??

During the symposium, I heart that original is the status the mill was in when it stopped working. The other extreme is that original is the way the mill was first built (even when that is 400 years ago).

In Germany some mills were (re)built the way it was done 200-300 years ago using the original techniques, materials and so on.

Can we have some inputs on this issue??

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