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Ventilated buckets needed?

Posted by gotopia 
Ventilated buckets needed?
November 08, 2009 11:01AM
Well - first question on here...

I have restored an all iron wheel back to working order. It was last used in 1938 to generate electricity, and there are no workings from the flour milling time left at all.

The wheel is 15' diameter, 6' across, with curved buckets (rather like the IXL style)

The tail race is permanently under 8" of water, increasing as flow increases. The buckets therefore are full of water as they exit (I think)

The generator speeds up and down at exactly the frequency of buckets exiting the water (or filling up). Its quite annoying - a sort of whupwhupwhupwhup noise at 2Hz ish.

If I ventilated the buckets, would this stop - and what sort of holes do I need?
Re: Ventilated buckets needed?
December 08, 2009 10:06PM
Slightly sad to not see a response.

I have decided to raise my wheel a foot to get it out of the backwater. I lose the flow from the weir a little (from three to two feet difference, along 1/4 mile of leat) but I gain power fromnot having the backwater.

Re: Ventilated buckets needed?
March 16, 2010 08:20PM
Maybe this will solve the problem, but the main task for a good waterwheel performance is:
Avoid the tail race being under water. Because the buckets or chambers of the wheel will have an exit well above the water, but will not empty completely.
Now the bucket comes into the water below the wheel, and the bucket cannot empty completely, and will take up water on the backside, thus having an imbalacend wheel, which will reduce the power of the wheel more, than the loose of power if the wheels is raised well above the downstream water table.

So, you did the best choice: Raise the wheel, loose a little of the overall height of possible water fall, but having a wheel running at optimal power outputs.

Ventilated buckets will haven't been studied well this time, so may help, but overfillig circumstances might be handled with such a wheel not that well, as unventilated wheels

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